Why us?
Oral Design is more than a dental office; it is an oral art studio. Oral Design Dental is the only dental clinic of its kind. Our dedicated dental staff are artistic designers. Our quality is what has set us apart for over 15 years. It is no wonder that we have done cases for several members of the Utah Jazz. After 15 years we are still local, still family owned and still Utah’s leader in quality.
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What makes us one of a kind?

Our office is unique because it is a dental office and a dental lab all in one. This allows us to practice a unique form of dentistry, created by our company called, Cosmetic Design. Unlike cosmetic dentistry or general dentistry, Cosmetic Design is a more holistic approach to dentistry; combining the beauty of cosmetic restoration with the practicality of general dentistry’s treatment and prevention. With Cosmetic Design we are able to treat the health of your whole mouth using beautiful and professionally designed custom cosmetic restorations.

At Oral Design we use the most powerful new technologies to create beautiful smiles everyday. Because we are an all in one clinic, this drives the cost of usual cosmetic restoration down, however because of direct communication between the lab and the office the quality of the work sky rockets. Custom shades are performed on the spot and with incredible accuracy; minor adjustments that were once impossible become routine; and both a doctor and a dental technician working on your smile means that you get the best treatment options.

That is why Oral Design is the only dental clinic in Utah to offer an OVERNIGHT SMILE MAKEOVER. Come visit our friendly, family owned business in the heart of Holladay, UT and meet our terrific staff. Our elegant and unique office offers a luxurious experience to all of our patients. The second you enter the room and see the beauty of our office you will clearly see that designing beauty is all we do.

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Our Work Team

Nikita Oganov CDT & MC.

Nikita Oganov created Oral Design in 1996 with the goal of creating beautiful, cosmetic restorations. He is one of the few Master Ceramists in the country. Nikita trained in Europe most famously under the world renowned Willi Geller School of Technology, from Switzerland. In addition he was one of the first technicians to begin doing dental implant restorations. Now with 30 years of experience Nikita is well trained in every branch of restoration dentistry and will work with you to design a treatment option that will take care of all of your dental needs.

Dr. Kris Rosander

Dr. Rosander is a second generation dentist and has been working as a dentist since 2002. He trained at the prestigious University of Pacific School of Dentistry. He is incredibly caring and has a bedside manner that will calm even the most high anxiety of patients. At Oral Design he is dedicated to provide patients with the safest most beautiful cosmetic restorations possible.

Dr. John Day

Dr. John Day graduated from the University of Pittsburg in 1982 as one of the top 10 students of his class. He has been working as a dentist ever since constantly expanding his skills and providing patients with the most up to date treatments. Dr. Day can perform a range of treatments from implant placements, and bone grafts, to complex surgical extractions and root canals. In 2015 the National Consumer Advisory Board awarded him with the title of America’s Best Dentist.

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