Oral Design is an Oral Artistic Studio. At our office we don't just practice dentistry we practice Cosmetic Design. We can do this because we are an all-in-one: Dental Office, Dental Lab, and even Oral Surgery Clinic. What this means for patients is that the quality of the work we produce is unparallel, yet the cost of beautiful cosmetic work is significantly reduced.

There are two major barriers that keep people from pursuing cosmetic work. The first is cost, however because Oral Design is both an office and a lab, we are able to reduce the cost of cosmetic work drastically. The second obstacle that concerns people about cosmetic work is quality and the fear of having a smile that looks fake. Oral Design has been a leader in quality cosmetic dentistry for over 15 years. That is why Oral Design has helped design the smiles of several stars from the Utah Jazz. Our laboratory has combined both the European and American schools of porcelain application; taking the best of both systems to design smiles that look amazingly beautiful, and natural. With the convenience of an on site lab, patients can expect all adjustments to be done on site, perfect fit is guaranteed and a perfect shade match is certain. Also with direct input and communication between both lab and dentist, patients can expect a course of treatment specifically suited for them. Before we begin a restoration we use computer simulations to show patients how the procedure is preformed and educated them in all the different options. Then we can create an actual replica of what the restoration will look like. For the first time ever PATIENTS WILL DESIGN THEIR OWN SMILES. It will be completely the patient's choice to select the design of their smile. They can pick the shape of the teeth, the size, shade, and translucency all under the professional eye of our staff. This is a unique service offered only by Oral Design.

Also at Oral Design we designed our office to have the best computer network which allows us to better manage a patients treatment options. Our secure computer network records all of our patients history including past, present, and future procedures along with patient x-rays and doctor's notes. What this means for patients is that the health of their mouth has a complete history and allows the dental staff to track the health of your smile over years. The program monitors a patient's oral health and calculates how often a patient should come back depending on the procedure they underwent. This means that at Oral Design you get the best preventative and restorative care.

In addition to Oral Design's unparalleled quality we go out of our way to make you feel as comfortable as possible. Our luxurious office was ergonomically designed to make patients feel relaxed and comfortable at all times. Our waiting room and each of our oppatories are equipped with televisions and DVD players to keep patients calm and entertained as they are in the middle of a procedure. Also kids can be entertained in our play area with video games and coloring books.

Trust the health and beauty of your smile to the Artists at Oral Design.

Oral Design's Most Elite Service can deliver the impossible and create a full mouth restoration in just one day. Do you have a reunion, a wedding, or even a presentation where you want to look your best, well you don't have to wait weeks to do it. Call Oral Design today to find out about this unique service

Whether it is a single tooth or a full mouth restoration, the specialist at Oral Design have literally done thousands of implants. An implant restoration doesn't just restore lost teeth, it also restores confidence and is much healthier for both the bone and gums than traditional dentures. Coupled with crowns, bridges and porcelain restorations, implants can restore an entire mouth full of teeth.

Traditional Crowns and Bridges are the most reliable treatment for most dental problems. At Oral Design under the supervision of our Master Ceramist and using the worlds most trusted materials, we have developed a technique of creating traditional crowns and bridges that are indiscernible from natural teeth. We always use ADA approved Noble Gold Based Alloys which are non-corrosive, hypoallergenic, and incredibly durable.

All-Porcelain Restorations
In recent years porcelain technology has advanced extraordinarily and Oral Design has always kept up with these new technologies. At Oral Design using our unique Techniques developed by our Master Ceramist we have taken Porcelain Technology to another level to create Porcelain Crowns and Veneers that perfectly mimic natural teeth anatomy, structure, shade and translucency.

Root Canal treatment is often terrifying to patients. However advances in digital technology have drastically increased the accuracy and effectiveness of root canal treatment which reduces pain and speeds patient recovery. At Oral Design our Dentist uses digital x-rays, apex locating devices and a panoramic x-ray machine to structure a root canal treatment that will be most convenient and the most painless for patients.

Denture restorations have been around for years. However few people know of the advances in denture technology. From metal framework to light flexible partials, Oral Design offers several options for denture wearers.

Cosmetic dentistry isn't just about restoring beautiful smiles. More importantly it is about maintaining a beautiful, healthy smile. That is why it is so important to always maintain the health of natural teeth. At Oral Design our hygienist is equipped with digital x-rays and panoramic x-rays that help them prevent many dental problems as well as offer early diagnosis on something that could become more serious later. At Oral Design it is our belief that the most beautiful cosmetic smile is an all natural smile.

Fillings are an important treatment to keep teeth natural and healthy. And with advances in technology patients have multiple options for traditional cavity treatment. From traditional amalgam, and composite to larger porcelain or metal in-lays and on-lays Oral Designs team of dental and lab professionals can create a treatment plan that will not only stop advancing cavities but also maintain the health and durability of natural teeth.