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Technology is constantly evolving. At Oral Design we strive to evolve with it. After all, we don’t just want to provide you dental services, we want to provide you cosmetic design. We can do this because we are an all-in-one: Dental Office, Dental Lab, and even Oral Surgery Clinic. What this means for patients is that the quality of the work we produce is unique and unmatched, yet the cost to obtain the perfect smile and beautiful cosmetic work from one of our professionals is economical.  


One way we can help enhance your cosmetic design is to provide 3D Imaging services. 3D Imaging assist with a multitude of clinical applications, including: dental implant planning; visualizing abnormal teeth; diagnosing root canal and dental cavities; or diagnosing dental trauma. It allows our oral professionals and artists to obtain a fuller picture of your anatomical structures. 3D Imaging also allows for early detection of possible problematic areas of your mouth. It also enables you, the patient, to envision what your mouth and teeth currently look like and what revisions you would like to have done. 

3D Imaging provides a timely and non-invasive avenue to help develop your full cosmetic design as 3D Imaging captures both bone and soft tissue outlines. When you put your trust in the artists and professionals at Oral Design, you won’t be disappointed.  

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