Crown and Bridge Restorations


Crown Dental Lab in Holladay, UT 

A crown is a cap created by your dentist that is applied to your tooth to restore any damaged tooth to it’s normal shape, size, and function. Crowns can help:

  • Support a tooth without enough natural tooth structure
  • Protect a fragile tooth from fracturing/shattering
  • Restore a fractured tooth
  • Cover a dental implant

Traditional Crowns and Bridges are the most reliable treatment for most dental problems. At Oral Design under the supervision of our Master Ceramist and using the world’s most trusted materials, we have developed a technique of creating traditional crowns and bridges that are indiscernible from natural teeth. We always use ADA-approved Noble Gold Based Alloys which are non-corrosive, hypoallergenic, and incredibly durable.

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