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Having your teeth professionally cleaned is about more than a bright & shiny smile. Getting your teeth cleaned at the dentist regularly may be the most important way we help you prevent oral health problems.

A teeth cleaning is part of a routine preventive visit to our practice. At your cleaning appointment, we can also give you tips on your at-home oral care routine, your habits & anything about your smile that you may be concerned about or have questions about.

A fractured, worn, or decayed tooth can cause daily discomfort. Left untreated, this can cause serious oral health problems.  A dental crown restores strength to a damaged tooth by covering the visible portion of its structure, protecting it from further damage.

Our office offers crowns that provide patients with cosmetic and restorative benefits.
Crowns restore strength to a tooth’s structure and protect the remaining natural tissue. They can also prevent the need for a tooth extraction following a root canal. Patients who receive this type of porcelain restoration can enjoy:

We sometimes see new patients who are missing one or more of their natural teeth because of tooth decay, periodontal disease or an injury. Up until a few years ago, the only treatment options available for patients with missing teeth were dentures and bridges. But thanks to new innovations in the field of restorative dentistry, those same patients can now come to our dental office and get dental implants so that their smiles look, feel and perform just like new.

Whether it is a single tooth or a full mouth restoration, the specialist at Oral Design have literally done thousands of implants. An implant restoration doesn’t just restore lost teeth, it also restores confidence and is much healthier for both the bone and gums than traditional dentures. Coupled with crowns, bridges and porcelain restorations, implants can restore an entire mouth full of teeth.

In recent years porcelain technology has advanced extraordinarily and Oral Design has always kept up with these new technologies. At Oral Design using our unique Techniques developed by our Master Ceramist we have taken Porcelain Technology to another level to create Porcelain Crowns and Veneers that perfectly mimic natural teeth anatomy, structure, shade and translucency.

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